2009 Goldman Prize recipient, Marc Ona Essangui is facing possible jail time and fee of nearly $10,000.00 US after being convicted of defamation by a Gabonese court last week.Ona, Executive Secretary of Brainforest NGO, Coordinator of Publish What You Pay Coalition in Gabon, and Coordinator of Environment Gabon, is one of central Africa’s most prominent environmental activists.The charge was filed after Ona allegedly spoke out against possible government corruption involving Soleman Liban, a senior advisor to the Gabonese president, and Olam Gabon, a foreign agricultural company that operates in Gabon.Ona’s lawyer Ruphin Nkoulou confirmed the conviction to Reuters last week, saying “I regret this decision against my client, who was only fulfilling his role of a counterweight [to the government]. I will consult with my client and possibly appeal this decision.”Ona won the Goldman Prize in 2009 for his efforts to publicly expose the unlawful agreements behind a huge mining proje