2013 Goldman Prize recipient Kimberly Wasserman led local residents in a successful campaign to shut down two of the country’s oldest and dirtiest coal plants — and is now transforming Chicago’s old industrial sites into parks and multi-use spaces.Describe the community of Little Village and how it shaped your path to becoming a community organizer.Little Village is very segregated from the rest of Chicago – it’s like its own little world within the city. It’s predominantly Mexican-American, with a lot of people who were born and raised in the neighborhood, many of whom don’t venture out until they’re in their twenties or thirties, if ever. Little Village also has the number one open space deficit in the city and is home to the largest jail in the U.S., Cook County. I always knew that whatever I was going to do, I wanted to work in Little Village and give back to the community and to show the young people that there is a bigger world and opportunities outside of Little